Pleiades 1 Messages January 20th 2018

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Anagramic consequences: ventral energy totally dissolved. V5 interrupted. Cracks in Main Lapel Crystal.

Platinum approaches for new specific packages!

*Avrylhon sending specific data to *Zero i. Pairing started. Blending in short lienar…

Hot bleeds (volcanic eruptions) promote surface miasmic removals.

1722 (V5) >>>>> HIGH INFINITE. 50% (regressive). First intensive attempt: Failure.

Attention *Crystal, The Magnetic Fairy of the Thousand and One Faces: Crystals of Time delivered! Reverberation 57% (non-regressive).

*NION initiates projections to Terran Plane! 49% (non-regressive) – The Light Celebrates!

*CONSECRATIONS are sent to all the Pillar-sustaining Terrans!

Axis lessons are sent. Urgent recycling required.

End of Transmission

Pleiades 1 (Receiving New Guardians)

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Exclusive Interview with Dark Fleet Insider: Disclosure of the SSP

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Exclusive Interview with Dark Fleet Insider: Disclosure of the SSP


[Este artículo será publicado en Español muy pronto, aquí]

(Adoninas) Like we communicated to you in an earlier publication, the very early morning of Thursday January 18th, we had found out that a new SSP insider had chosen to go public. At that time he had already asked for interviews to various bloggers, however we contacted him, offering this space to host a one hour interview.

He accepted our offer very kindly, and at 1700 CST, that very same Thursday we agreed to have an interview that same day, at 2100 (only four hours later!). We got to work and prepared for the interview during that time.

We contacted our correspondent in Mexico and ended up with a 90 minute interview instead, even though we could have talked for 2-3 hours or more.

The amount of information this insider has, and the details that he remembers from his service in the Dark Fleet would fill many more hours, and we hope to have this opportunity once again in the future.

If you missed the live transmission of the interview (where people had a chance to ask questions), you can still see it through our YouTube channel [shortly], or through our facebook page.

If you prefer, you can download the audio file here, [shortly] and read the transcript in spanish here [in the very near future]

Without further ado, we share the transcript in English below:


Hots: OK, we’re live and we’re going to interview META, the most recent insider of the SSP who says to be connected with the so-called Dark Fleet. I’m calling in through Skype, and he’ll answer shortly. All the interview will be in English, and we’ll publish a transcript very soon.

[META answers call]

Host: Hello?

META: Hello.

Host: META is that you?

META: Yes, let me see if I can figure out how to change my volume… Let me turn on my speaker

Host: OK I hear you

META: Let me turn on my speaker… Alright, can you say something?

Host: Yes, 1, 2, 3, this is a test, this is a test.

META: Yup. Perfect

Host: OK so we are live now here with META, he’s the new SSP insider who has contacted us for this exclusive interview, his very first interview. So META, welcome to the show.

META: Thank you.

Host: Thank you for coming forward, this is very important for all of us, and personally I think for the future of the planet, would you agree?

META: Definetly, I’m actually very excited about this interview. It’s gonna be the first one ever.

Host: Cool! So you made a really great introduction in the group where you came forward for the first time, but we had to erase it to protect your anonymity…

META: That is fine

Host: …So we don’t have an introduction now, it’s only in Spanish now, in the blog. So could you maybe talk a little bit about yourself and all these SSP things.

META: Oh yeah, so my SSP experience started when I was 4 or 5. There was a time where my family moved frome one area closer back to my father’s side of the family and my grandfather had a 100 acres and a small cabin that he built on it. And we stayed in that cabin for several years while we were building a new house. And probably like 3 years previous before we moved out to that cabin my grandfather had built an extremely large stock tank next to the cabin. The stock tank spanned probably almost 180-200 yards in upward directions, and was anywhere between 50 to 60 ft deep depending on how much water was in it from the rain seasons. It was a very odd thing to do beacuse he spent literally a year and a half making sure that the entire plane of the bottom of the pond was absolutely flat, and he spent literally 6 months pressing it flat — continously, after work, everyday. And I just found it so odd… but it was done so very well, I mean it had a 60 ft earthen damp on one side.

Anyways when we had moved out there to stay it was probably about a month or two in that I started having these urges to wake up in the middle of the night to walk outside. And it probably was like the second or third time, somewhere in there, where I decided to walk back down to the tank, and a plank came out of the water that I walked down into a large rectangle that had stairs that was the same level as the water, and I was very young but it felt like I was supposed to do that. And the next thing I knew when I was down there were two [soldiers who] escorted me down this long symmetric hallway to the far end of the complex…

Host: Uh…

META: Yeah, go ahead

Host: Yeah, these military guys, how were they dressed?

META: They were wearing just green uniforms, they weren’t armored or anything like that. They were just regular green dress uniforms. They had metals and buttons and pockets on the front, you know like regular military pants.

Host: And they had no guns?

META: They had pistols, and one of them would carry a rifle at times.

Host: OK, so you went there through some kind of portal, or some kind of door?

META: Yeah I don’t think that actual part of it was a portal, it was more like… it was something coming out of the floor of the pond or something like that, and then it led to [¿?] that was a walkway to the ftont doors of the complex.

Host: OK

META: I’ve been seeing grays and reptilians in my dreams for those several weeks taht I’d live there before, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw them in front of the front doors: There was one on the left that was a reptilian, a green reptilian, and he had an older fashion console that he worked on, almost like the first star trek console with the bigger buttons and everything, and it had a little radar dome on it that he’d monitor.
And then on the right side was a smaller gray that sat on a raised chair, the chair raised it up to about almost 6′ tall, and he had this little green [¿?] that when around it, it was kind of silver-whitish with light colours flashing on it.
And then there were two soldiers at that door. That was a big metal door, double door.

Host: So no-knobs? The’d just slide open?

META: I’m sorry?

Host: There were no-knows? Did they just slide open?

META: No they didn’t slide open, the soldiers had to open them and they opened towards you, not away from you. So you had to get out of the way to open these damn doors.


Host: And then, what was inside there?

META: The inside was a bunch of scientists going around in white coats. There was a military soldier stationed at certain doors, or moving back and forth. I never saw more than one or two reptilians — there were no grays. And it was kind of like a white-tile kind of clinical setting. And just different rooms… and I mean the table and things like that in the rooms were wooden and just normal, something that you may feel like you find in a public school. And outside of the rooms there were like cubical offices on the outside of the room and the outside of the room was very large, I’d say probably like anywhere between 2800 to 3200 sq ft, and it did had offices and… not offices but rooms for different experiments they did and some of them would have offices [inaudible]

Host: So this was the beginning of it all.

META: Right that was the very beginning

Host: And then you described that you went there every few nights? Or was it every night that you went there?

META: It was every night.

Host: Oh OK. This was by the end of ’82?

META: No. Well, I was born in ’78, and this was 82-83 I believe somewhere there, which makes me 4-5 years old.

Host: Exactly. So that’s where you received what you described as your training right?

META: Well that was early training and that was more like a diagnostic training more than anything. At that age, at that place it was more like… they do the things were they pull a card and you couldn’t see it and they’d ask you what was on it. And they do these weird math puzzles, and then there was memory games, you know? You had to remember certain things in a row and had other things… like they had a touchscreen way back then that was like 90’s, 80’s style that was just white dots, almost like an Atari 2600 thing but you could touch the creen and it would recognize it. And they had these memory games that you played with that, where there were 9 small squares and then it flashed larger white squares and you had to pick the squares that occured in a row, kind of like simon says or something like that.

And they’d do these diagnostic things where they would sit and ask you what were they thinking without saying anything. And there was this isolation tank experiments, we did those. I never had a problem with the isolation chamber that was awesome, I loved it.

Host: Oh really? Because it sounds scary.

META: Oh no, it was amazing. I think it has to do with your perception of it more than anything. Because it almost made it easier for me to feel everything. I felt more connected, not less connected in it.

Host: I don’t really get what is an Isolation Chamber, you called it?

META: Well the one that they had was shaped like a giant egg, pretty much. And it kinda tilted at an angle less than a 45° angle, and you would up down this little metal steps, and I remember they were yellow and they had metal grating on them and a rail, and you just climb in and you had this little swim suit with shorts, and sometimes they’d want you to wear a little helmet thing that would measure stuff —they said—, and sometimes they didn’t even cared — they didn’t even want you to wear it.

And basically you climb in and you’d float, you know what I mean? It was big enough that you couldn’t even touch the edges [¿?] and it was completely dark, no sounds you know what I mean? And you’re just floating in the water.

Host: OK, I get it. So that was the, let’s say, pre-training, right?

META: Yeah, I think that they were [¿?] at that time… for more specifics; But they were also… are you still there?

Host: Yes, I’m here

META: Yeah, because at the end of every training session, and they were 3 to 5 hours sometimes I would lay down on this… they’d take me to this room with this metal table, and I’d lay down on this metal table and I wouldn’t… and when I’d wake back up (they’d put me to sleep somehow), and when I waked back up I was walking to the grass back to my house. And this was around the time they taught me how to read clocks and I can remember those first 3 or 4 days I didn’t even think about it and I just had this urge to go back to sleep and lay down on my own bed, so I would; and me and my brother had bunkbeds and I was on the top bunk so I’d have to climb up to the top bunk and everything.

Host: Do you remember how was life outside of this world? Let’s say your daily, waking life at school? Could you talk a little bit about that part too?

META: Oh yeah, well at that time I handn’t really started school yet. You start school at 5 years old or around there at that part, and I was [¿?] enough so that I got to choose my year. And I did start going to school then but it was after… it was already after I had been in that m-lab thing for a while… [connection lost]

Host: OK sorry, I was starting to lose you. OK so there you are again, so where were we? Normal life right?

META: Yes, so I believed what happened was that I was actually taken to that 20-year spin, employment, or whatever you want to call it with the Dark Fleet there, I was taken before I actually started my kindergarden year. And I when I came back I was completely mind-blanked of it all. And I mean, along the years after I began to remember that I had abductions. I had a bunch of abductions after that, but when I came back I was still living in the cabin, and they started less than a day or two after that. And they were yearsto try to keep me quiet and keep me from remembering for a long time, probably until I was 12 or 15 years old I was abducted on a regular basis.

Host: OK so that sounds a little scary so we’re gonna skip it… and well… the dark fleet supposedly originates from the Nazi space program right?

META: It was definetly like a new-age… but there was a large illuminati influence also.

Host: So was there any kind of nazi memorabilia or symbols laying around in these bases or laboratories?

META: There were no nazi simbols, there were some SS pins. And everybody was like… y’know pretty white and blonde. Some of the older generals were gray haired but uhm… I remember the pins.

Host: OK, so let’s go towere you started your formal training. Did you received some kind of martial arts training?

META: Yes, they taught us martial arts. They didn’t gave the moves names of anything like that.

META: It was a martial arts, and I’ve done some martial arts training since then. The stuff that they gave us was more like “how do not get shot”, you know? “If you’re close enough, that’s how you get their weapon out of their hand” and stuff like that it was more like ways to avoid direct conflict and how to get yourself out of sticky situations… uhm… we weren’t on the front line we were the little side-kick guys in the back, you know that I mean? They didn’t want us to be, you know, up front. One analogy is you know like I guess in vietnam like the guy who has a radio pack on it’s back? Well that’s kinda like that we were. We were the guy who would call in air support, but instead of calling in air support you could literally open up a portal in one of their launch base with four weaponized vehicles waiting to come through, and they just jump through that gate right through and there they were. You could initiate that at anytime, you know? They were ready to invade when you opened that portal, and they would be through in less than a second.

Host: Ok, so this opening of the portal was part of you’re training right?

META: Yes. Well it was a weird special ability and they’d never seen it before also — it scared them, they didn’t like it. I guess they literally just knew I had higher abilities but didn’t know exactly what they were, and they knew I couldn’t be trained properly unless I was on that ship because the training —once I had reached the actual dark fleet ship— it was like a hologrid room kind of like the star trek thing but they didn’t really waste any time or energy on beautiful scenery, it was just like a straight grid and they had differrent drums that flew at you, and we were given these suits that would amplify your abilities. Basically it would emanate your electromagnetic field produced by our hearts and our heads and the rest of our bodies and it would generate what we were thinking, basically. If we had a psychic ability it would improve it and amplify it.

Host: OK

META: A full-on body suit. So you like, actually had to wear this suit for like 90% of the time. Like, you could only take it out for showering and then you had to put it back on.
And the first suit would only amplify our mental abilities but later on they’d increase your strength, increase your agility… there was a stem-pack thing that would stab you and fill you full of juice. They had some button that they could push that would lock the suit down and you could not move. And that was scary as f*ck. *Laughs* Mind the language, that was scary. They had something that they could do that woul dknock you out, you know? And they used these suits not only for training and excercise, but for control.

But yeah, they had these drums flying at you and you were supposed to make them explode. And there was this thing where this was all that you were supposed to do. If you weren’t able to do that you were supposed to bail out, you know what I mean? If you cuold not make these drum explode that was it, you were going home. And there was a lot of pressure on you.

And I could never make them explode, I could only make them disappear… and you know, I rememeber coming out the first time like “I did it!” you know that I mean? And they’re like: “But there’s no debris, where did it go?”, and I’m like: “It doesn’t matter I did it, they’re gone!”. And they really did not like that. And it scared the crap out of them, because if I had that ability I could do it to anything, anywhere, at anytime, and they didn’t know were it went, you know what I mean? They didn’t know when or where… All they knew was that some portals were white and some portals were black. Almost undetectable.

Host: Do you know were did you send those things? No…

META: Well back then it was just… honestly I believe it was at the end of the spectrum, altruistic light or dark, you know what I mean? And there are so many dimensions out there… you know? and there are a bunch of blank dimensions that are either light or just dark. They have no other creation on them yet. And I think they’re just random infinite, light or dark undefined dimensions.

Host: Well that sounds rather complicated to me actually. But well, if that wasn’t part of your training —the teleporting— which was, let’s say, your unique ability… then what was part of your training.

META: Well the training was excersise everyday… there was jogging you know? and the normal excersise activities. There were obstacle courses that were created inside that holo-deck area, uhm… there was live battles, there was mazes, there was getting around undetected. A lot of it was getting around undetected… excersises…

Host: Like with your mind? You could use your abilities to camouflage yourself maybe? Or just using your body?

META: I mean, some people could and uhm, yes as time progressed I was able to do that. But at that time I was not. At that time I wasn’t able to do anything except for my portals. As time progressed I gained all sorts of other abilities. Like for example, they would… Well when they figured out I was able to make portals they took me to the workshop —that’s what they called it— where they would sit you another one of these metal dentist tables and make adjustments to your suit, measure things and make you a new suit and different things like that… and that was a scary place. That wasn’t a place you’d always want to be because you’d wake up feeling a lot different sometimes.. you’d get a new suit and sometimes it was exciting and sometimes it was just scary. It made you feel different. It’d empower you more but there were things that you didn’t know how to control yet. And then on top of it they would introduce all their new controls in the suit by taking you to the workshop to change suits.

And that’s when you really felt like a prisoner, or like a pet, you know? An experiment more than anything. And they would take you there and increase certain ablities decrease others… all sorts of things. And so this was a challenge not just for your training, but it was like a challenge to just getting used to, with the new tools they gave you and the things that they took away that they controled you through the tools they gave you.

But yeah… there was a time where I started to get new abilities and we’ve been through the suit thing so many times, and it was the first time I’d shown another ability other than the ability of the portal. And I was able to freeze everyone in the workshop, because they were putting me down into the seat, and I’d gotten the inclination that I was able to do things more than just make portals and they wanted to… you know… “Well let’s go to the workshop” and I’m like “No, no we don’t need to go to the workshop I’m fine in this suit”, but they took me anyways, and they were going to put me under like they always do and everything and I just sort of said “NO”… and everyone went froze. It wasn’t like time was froze, it was just like they were frozxe from the inside, like in their minds. It was just frozen… just them.

Host: OK

META: And I was scared because there was an observatio window, you knoe? A two-way mirror/observation window, and I froze them and then I just said “screw it” and I froze the whole sh*t.

Host: *laughs* like, the whole place?

META: Yeah, I said, “you know what? If I wait any longer someone’s gonna find out… it’s too much”. So I froze the whole sh*t. This is all past during the experiences I had when I was saving individuals and during the time… so this flash forward from the beginning of training… about 3.5 – 4 years. I’ve already been through the stories were we were in actual battles…

Host: OK, so this was after the graduation day that you described?

META: Oh yes. The graduation day was just me graduating to the point where I was proficient enough in evation an portal creation when I actually started to going out on missions. They weren’t ready for anyone else to go through the portals, but they were ready for me to go through the portals, when I graduated.

Host: So, could you take us through the whole graduation day, please?

META: Well it was just one of those things but there was more then just me there, but they all had diferent abilities. They had this thing were the class really knew each other, and there was 8 of us, and no-one could graduate until we all graduated, you know what I mean? So I wasn”t the first that was ready, but I wasn’t the last either, there was like 1 or 2 after me. And if you were ready to graduate, you just continued your training while you were waiting for other people… and the last day… I was in the middle of a training session where there was liek an obstacle course with moving blocks that went up and down…

Host: And all of this was on Earth?

META: No. All of this training was in the ship.

Host: Oh Ok, alright.

META: All of the initial training, when I was younger…. I mean the advancements weren’t any further than early touchscreens and stuff like that. There was a couple of 3D holographic generators that they had that were more advanced way back when, that you could put a headset on your head and it would control the 3D model and create geometric shapes and things like that, uhm, and there were a couple of other things that were advanced way back then but the stuff that I’m talking about here was the Dark Fleet, inside one of their larger ships (the training).

Host: OK, so i’m actually going to send you a PDF that contains some… supposedly they are Dark Fleet craft. It’s supposed to have been leaked….

META: Oh I’m so excited I’d love to see these.

Host: Yes they were published in a videogame and they resemble the craft of the Dark Fleet. Well, that’s what we think so… OK I’m sending it to you through Skype.


Host: It’s called SSPdisclosure_Videogames, and it’s a videogame called “Elite Dangerous Horizons”.

META: Oh no not yet. That sounds like an accurate description of the experience though.

Host: What do you mean?

META: Well, just that name. That’s about what it was like.


Host: Yeah that sounds like something that they’d call themselves “the elite”… “dangerous horizons”

META: Oh yeah… right.

Host: So well this whole graduation thing is happening off-planet.

META: Oh yes is happening on the ship.

Host: Do you know where this ship is orbiting? Or just floating around?

META: I could not tell you. We had no access to any area that would tell us where we were or what the ship was doing.

Host: So no windows even, let’s say

META: No. Nothing. There was no access to the outside world actually it was absolutely forbidden to have access to the outside world and we were not allowed to speak to our families or anything. And that was the way it was for most people. Now when I started to be able to make portals it all change for me because I was going back to earth all the time, you know? Once I graduated I was very lucky in that respect that I always had contact with earth. A lot. I had never tried to find my family or anything but I had to go back to the planet and save people all the time. That was my primary mission for like a year or so. Just saving elite. Children from being run over by a car, dropped of to something or just dumb stuff. And the last year were more assassinations, preventing assassinations.

Host: Did you recognize any of the people that you saved?

META: Uhm… well a lot of them were very young, so that’d make it really hard.

Host: Oh ok. Well I sent you the PDF with the pictures. Well they’re pictures taken from the videogames, so they’re technically screenshots.

META: I’m trying to find them, where would it be?

Host: In Skype you just click the…Oh you have to open the chat in the upper right corner there’s some icon with…

META: Yeah.

Host: Yeah and then the chat comes up and there’s the icon of the file at the bottom right, it’s a blue icon.

META: Ok there’s the chat, yeah download file OK, accept. Alright it should be up shortly.

[This is the file that we’re talking about]

Host: OK so by pages 7, 8, 9, 10 there’s the ships. Well, people on the internet are saying “Hey that’s a Dark Fleet ship!”, but I wanted you to confirm which ones are actual Dark Fleet ships and which ones are not.

META: Ok, yeah those first two are.

Host: OK for our listeners here I’m going to upload the file in the trasncript actually. You’re on page 7 no? Or what page are you?

META: Uhm, I think I am on page 16.

Host: OK, so that one definetly is right?

META: Yeah, you’re looking at the one in the centre and the one at the bottom of page 16?

Host: Mhm, yes. That’s the Dark Fleet, no?

META: That’s part of them, that’s some of them. All the ones after that that look similar… Oh gosh, oh man, that one on page, what is it, 22, the one in the centre. Imagine a ship like that but twice as long.

Host: That looks like an attack ship, for an offensive.

META: Well it was an offensive ship but it was also a transport ship. No ship they had wasn’t offensive though. But yeah, that one right there was the one that we were on but it was 2 to 3 times longer than that, with the same weird shape in the front and those fins, there were 3 of them on each side, not one. On each side. And each fin had an egine behind them like that. But they were three, instead of just one like that.

I’m going on down now. Ok there’s another one right there. Page 39, in the middle, that larger black ship.

Host: 39?

META: Yeah. That’s the one that we switched to later.

Host: Oh OK so this is like a mothership I’d say.

META: Yes, it was very much like a mothership.

Host: Ok well, so what do you think about these crafts leaking through videogames?

META: Well it’s obviously soft disclosure… uhm, and we know it’s following along the lines of the air force false disclosure, because I think they are probably asociated with the air force… uhm wait where was that one? Oh yeah that’s not one of their ships, but it looks familiar. The green ship on page 45-46ish. I’ve seen ships like that but they weren’t part of our fleet.

Host: The green one?

META: It’s not green is silver.

Host: Oh yeah like the long, oval, very curvy form right?

META: Yes and it looked almost like a fish or something, with the tail of it like that.

Host: And that was not the dark fleet.

META: I don’t know if it was outlies, because you know we didn’t… we were never informed… we never attacked those ships either.

Host: Oh ok. So how do you recognize that ship?

[Bad Connection]

META: …but yeah I’m going to keep going because there’s a couple of… OK right there on page 53. When we left the moon it looked like that ship.

Host: OK when you left.

META: With the planet behind it.

Host: OK, so well at least we can confirm there has been some soft disclosure, and that the dark fleet just looks like this.

META: That’s actually very interesting stuff. Thank you.

Host: Thank you for confirming it! Now we know it’s true. Well, we were talking about your graduation when I interrupted you with this thing about the spaceships so could you continue with your graduation please?

META: Yes well so they told us… and I was like in a training grounds that had larger blocks, like 8 ft across 10 ft across. And then the training was just like to get over of the far side of the room which had a very elevated like finish line if you will. And so you had to dodge the fatster and slower moving blocks and you had to try to raise your elevation to the point of the finish line as you were running across them. Just kind of like an agility excersise I suppose. And they told us over the speakers that they’d finished, and it just stoppde and I ran out because I was so excited and we all met up in the hall and we went to the locker room where we changed to this formal attire that they’d given us. And they were just blue suits with a hat. It was a like a white military hat with a shiny flag on it. And we went in there and there was a, you know, probably like an hour later there was a group of military men from the ship, people from the ship primarily, and the general who ran that ship. We called them the general. He wore a black suit with a lot of badges, you know? like the little rectangular badges

Host: Oh they love their badges… they love them.

META: Yeah, and he [¿?] at each one at a time and presented us with a little diploma. And I still had that blonde handler lady at that time, she was there…

Host: Do you still have that diploma?

META: Oh no no no… Of course we didn’t return with anything that we were given there.

Host: Oh….

META: Yeah, I mean… that was off-planet. I mean when you were done up there you were either disposed of, or age-digressed and returned uhm… with your [¿?]

Host: Oh… having that diploma would be so awesome.

META: It was. But I mean i wasn’t anything special, it just was… it was basically your admitance into the dark fleet normal operations, you know? All it meant was that, you know, you were now qualified to go out on missions. It meant that you didn’t… you know they had these hurdles taht you had to clear when you were in training and it was very tiresome and you felt that after graduation you finally would’t have to worry about all those hurdles anymore. For some people it was true, for some people it wasn’t. Some people had even more hurdles and some of us had… as long as the mission was completed they were happy.

Host: OK. And that’s were you really started the missions, which you described something like saving the elite, the families of the elite, saving them from accidents and then you, let’s say you wscalated to the point were you could save them from assassinations.

META: Yeah and that was very messy and tricky in the beginning because I couldn’t take anything through the portal with me, except for myself. And at that time, they really didn’t know if I was ready because I couldn’t take anything with me, you know what I mean? I coulnd’t take any advanced weapons with me, I couldn’t bring anything with me. It was like “OK we’re just going to throw you into this situation and hope you don’t die. Bye” You know what I mean? because if you’re trying to stop an assassin then you could very well die too.

Host: Yeah.

META: But what was funny about it was that I was receiving help from the time periods. Sometimes I’d arrive with a room with the materials I needed… uhm… you know like “here’s a [¿?] and a gun” or “all you really gotta do is make sure that this car doesn’t go anywhere by putting this on the side of it” type of deal, you know what I mean?

It’s they had done enough timeline research to know who was going to try and kill this person and just how to make it impossible for that person to complete his job. Sometimes it didn’t involved getting in between somebody who was an assassin and his prey. Sometimes it was just like, make sure he can’t get out of his apartment. *laughs*

Host: OK so that way you avoided the whole situation that would lead to the assassination.

META: Correct, and then they would probably had some kind of time traveling operative to take the person who would have been assassinated on that day and they would take them to a safe place, yo know what I mean? I can’t tell you but that’s what I assume they did.

Host: Wow.

META: There was other times that I was assisted by aliens in the past, when I was saving someone from assassination. And I’ll never forget the first time that happened… Uhm… because it wasn’t a ship, it was an alien that was shaped like a stingray with a face and small arms, and it was on the back of a Jeep. And this was one of my later missions towards the end of stopping assassinations, and I could warp in to moving places at this time. Literally come in, go through a portal and make the portal on the other side be moving, where the portal I was jumping through would be stationary.

And I jumped in to the back of the Jeep that had two people on the front that had to be saved, and then an assassin in the back that had been hiding.

Host: And you’re in the back.

META: Yeah well I was in the back holding on to the whell on the back of the Jeep, and it was at night.

Host: Ah ok ok.

META: And not only was it that, but the car behind them was also assassins, so their headlights are glaring on me and there was an alien that came down from a cloud in the sky and handed me a weapon. And it was a very futuristic weapon. And it shot these little… like spikes. It was an incapacitation weapon.

Host: OK

META: And I thought, the suit the assassins wore… it bounced off. And so there was a struggling and there was fighting, and I just kept on yanking on that trigger until eventually it missed the suit and it went into her skin —she was a woman— she was knocked out, she went limp and she fell off the side of the Jeep. After that the car behind us started to pull over and they got away. That was the first time I was asisted by an alien in the past during a mission.

Host: This alien… could you describe it a little bit for us?

META: Yeah it was shaped like a sting ray without the tail. The rear end of it was rounded.

Host: And what colour? Was it the same colour as a sting ray?

META: No it was clear and it had glowing lights inside of it with geometric shapes. It was liek something you’ve never seen before. The skin was absolutely clear, it was see-throughable, uhm… there was a very mild light blue shin to the outside of the skin but was completly see-throughable, uhm…

Host: Did he emanate some kind of positive aura or something?

META: Oh yes, it felt very positive. It did. And I was really… it had a lot of emotion to it. It felt like a really emotional being… those are the base senses you’re given… well I did anyways, I had a very strong empathic ability throughout my training and I could sense what people were feeling and what they were thinking sometimes, more like a psychic ability. But it was very powerful emotions and it felt like a loyalty and a duty type of emotion when it handed me the weapon. And it was a pistol size weapon, it was also clear with different coloured lights inside of it

Host: And then you went inside the Jeep right? Well you had to stop the assassination, and there was an assassin in the back of the Jeep right?

META: Correct. And all I had to do was stop that and not to have any contact with them. And after I stopped them and I got rid of them they immediatly started to ask me questions but I just jumped out. I just created a portal beside the car and jumped into it. So I didn’t speak to them.

Host: And mission accomplished, right?

META: Right. And it wasn’t long after that… this is when I became rather conflicted, after that and several other assassination missions we had actually started to go on another missions where we were taking other ships. And that turned out to be my primary job for a while after that, and I asked myself what my position really was in this system that they had. And that was also during the time that I broke through and I was able to freeze the whole sh*t.

That marks my, what’s called the second nodal point. I had three nodal pointsbecause they were times in which I could get away from them. Sometimes, I had gotten so good at one point where I would jump out, do a mission, and when I got to jump back I would jump into a different time instead and escaped for a little bit into a time dilation where I’d do other things and then I would come back almost at the same time when I was supposed to have arrived. So it looked like I never did anything except just the mission.

Host: So you took a little break, let’s say.

META: Yes. And there were three nodal points during my life with them where I’d go back to myself in an earlier time to warn myself about certain things and to prepare myself for other things. And the second nodal point —which turned out to be the most effective one (the most useful one)— was after my first sortie where I watched aliens and humans die. Our ship only ahd humans on it, except when they took on prisoners, but they would try and negotiate trade deals with other species that they would meet, and if the trades broke down they had very good scanners and they could tell that there were things on the ship that they wanted, so they would just take them.

And the beauty of me being an organic time traveler is that I’m not affected by a lot of the shielding, like I could travel through those things, and I’m not affected by a lot of this. So as usually I was one of the first people on the opposing ship during a battle because of the fact that I could… you know what I mean? I was one of the only people that could get there, and it was so much easier than attacking them from the outside. Trying to attack them from the outside they’d make calls to other people and it would be a lot more dangerous it was hard to crack their shields and they had very powerful weapons, a lot of times we were outgunned. But if you put somebody on the inside in a covert way and have ’em shot down some generators, just open up three more portals, you know 1,500 guys come through in vehicles into the ship to do their specific missions it was very fast and it was over very quickly and sometimes nobody was hurt and other times… a lot of people got hurt.

Host: Oh…

META: But this time after this mission where I’d seen several of our guys die and I’d actually killed somebody with small portals. I used a bunch of tiny portals and it kinda just disintegrated these two aliens and I… It was after the mission and we were back on the ship, and we had taken all the ship and it was a great success and they were very happy with me. And I’m just standing in this long laboratory bathroom in front of this big mirror and I’m loosing it, I’m like breaking down.

Host: You didn’t want to do that.

META: Well. You were put in a position that you didn’t have a choice, you know what I mean? I would have probably died and so would have everyone aroud me if we didn’t… because [¿?] that they were using were these giant cone things that just eviscerated everything through just like slushee if it hit you.

Host: Wow.

META: And nobody could… They had these shielding things were you couldn’t shoot them with a weapon, it’d bounce off. It was some type of clear electrical shielding of some sort. But yeah… anyways I would periodically come back to that time right there where I realize what I was really in for and share information with myself at that time. And I would teach myself new tricks that I had learned from the future, that I was capable of doing in the future I would teach my old self those tricks so that I was ahead of the curve, and it would keep them from controling me.

Host: Aaaaah.

META: And I would teach me how they track me, to know where I was in time and space so that I could circumvent those tracking techniques so that I could keep on going in my little jons away from the Dark Fleet. And since I’d been given a perspective of where earth was and in the beginning I always knew how to get back to earth. So all my vacations were spent on earth, even though they didn’t know about these vacations.

Host: And where would you go when you wanted to take a break?

META: Yes, and I went back in time and I get to see atlantis and Mu and Lumeria, I got to experience those worlds, those time periods and the species on the planet at those times.

Host: And the people around you knew you were there? They could see you and interact with you?

META: Yes. Yup.

Host: Oh!

META: I didn’t do that so much, in Lumeria and Mu you could do that, but in Atlantis I wasn’t so worried about learning everything about Atlantis as I was I wanted to know how Atlantis fell. So when I was there at that time I tried to stay as invicible as possible. I tried to stay as undetetable as possible becuase it was a very… it was a much stricter regime at that time.

Host: Oh, so you actually witnessed the fall of Atlantis.

META: Yeah, it was messed up. And they planned it. They planned it to be messed up. And they were trying to leave the planet before hand but then it did not worked as they had planned, and it made it even worse.

Host: Hmmm

META: It was a big ol’ mess

Host: Yeah it sounds like a story for two or three more interviews, we could talk about it for days.

META: Oh yeah I would love to tell that story.

Host: OK let’s go. We agreed to 60 minutes, but if you feel like it, let’s go! We’re right were the good stuff’s coming.

META: OK, yeah. Do you want me to tell the story of Atlantis as I know it?

Host: Yes, please!

META: Alright, well, basically during that time there was a very controling regime in power and it was from the, you know, a long time ago in Atlantis the martians had come over when their planet had went south. And it was over that long period of time that the [¿?] took power more and more and different families had buying for power through the Atleantean system. And the northern island was still pure and safe but the main continent of Atlantis was pretty much controlled by their ideology, if not them. And they had been… two major things had happened. First off the anunnaki had come around and they made a deal to sell anatomic gold before, uh… DNA enhancement research and development to which the anunnaki oversold their abilities to a ceirtain degree, but also had very nefarious plans behind the scenes in that spreading certain types of their DNA throughout the populance of species on the planet and also creating a system by which they could trap souls.

Host: Ahhh OK so that’s the system that we have in place now, right?

META: Right.

Host: Oh yes? Oh OK.

META: Exactly. And it was, I don’t know if you have seen activated carbon is supposed to be coming out on Netflix, not to plug ’em or anything… but it was similar to that in that you could take your advanced 4D or 5D atlantean body and you could yourself into a lesser body. Like we would play minecraft today, except you’re in a body, in a minecraft situation. That was pretty much what the anunnaki were doing.

And we were just playing around like it’s nothing right? Like it’s a game. And it’s encouraged that it’s a game and that everybody plays it.

Host: Oh! Ok so that’s how they trappe everyone in 3D form.

META: Yeah, well not everyone but all of us that were stupid enough to do it. The problem was that they could create bodies but the anunnaki did not know how to create a reproductive system that wasn’t already created. So they actually had to bring in a species from Sirius that knew that part of it. So it took a mother and a father race to create a human body. And in that they had a lot of say, in the creation of this body and that’s why… who we are today, in a lot of ways. Because the mother race that created us was very adamant about instilling certain things into us that would not only give us the ability to survive, it would prevent us from being controled forever.

So that’s going on. At the same time, there were some extremely powerful and extremely intelligent genetisists that had broken away from the government’s control and military control at that time and had decided that they were going to go through the whole create-abundance-you-can’t-stop-us, you know? venus project type of thing. And they have been working towards this goal while the government sistematically tried to incriminate what they where doing in different ways, and banished them. At that time they weren’t allowed to kill people, but they banished them to the northern continent which at that time was Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England… All of the UK was all one larger continent up there connected to the eastern and western continents of Canada and I guess Rusia and switzerland areas… And their plan was to then create a war with that continent and use it to destroy the society at the same time.

And that was their plan all along, it was to take all the people who had abilities… You could put a seed in the ground and you could hold something the size of a remote and turn it on and it would grow to half size in less than 5 minutes, you know? You could access the creationary blocks of anything and transform it into someting else. What they were doing up north was very close to uh… coalescing matter into whatever they wanted it to be in. And the society had no need for currency or anyting. And it was a very beautiful thing, but it went against a lot of the controls of the system that was set up in Atlantis at that time.

And when they decided to destroy it they used the death ray. The death day was supposed to explode and uh… destroy most of Atlantis. And they were planning to escaping through an energetic merkabah-like vehicle made of pyramids on the north-western side of the continent, at the same time.

However it did not go as planned. There was a feedback loop that caused the pyramids to not work correctly and it exploded. Some got through but many at all. When this happened, everyone who knew what was up left the planet. It was so intergalactic… it was still an intergalactic hub at that time, and the rest of us got stuck here. And the death ray continued to fire, it did not cut off and the front portion of the tower began to melt and fell into the ground and it started to push atlantis towards where it is now, in antartica and dropping of portions of the island all the way to the left and the right side of it the whole way, and leaving a giant crevice in the centre of the Atlantic ocean, and just flooding the mediterranean that used to be a giant open area, a landmass in between Europe and Africa, blocked off by a large dam and that was all destroyed and flooded. [inaudible] tidal waves across the planet… the power stations in america….

Host: That was the… big rain in the bible…

META: The great flood.

Host: The great flood, right?

META: Yeah, yeah. And you can even see the marks of it in the archeology found along the edges of Africa and South America and… uh… because they had landmasses connecting to Atlantis in different ways and a lot of the edges of all of those landmasses all fell at the same time.

Host: And that’s when came back after that, safely, I assume.

META: Yeah, for that experience yeah I did. Yeah that was pretty much what I wanted to see of Atlantis, I didn’t really like it as much. It was great in the beginning, it’s just that they lost their way, and let the wrong people to take control and they were too complacent. *laughs* That’s pretty much what it felt like.

Host: Yeah great story, I love to hear this version of the story it sounds so real it’s like I’m there and feeling all the trouble and all the separation let’s say…

META: Yeah, that was scary.

Host: Well we have a lot of questions from the readers, because they started to ask some questions, so I’m jsut gonna ask them, let’s see. It says here: “Please name the different races who are trying to enslave humanity”.

META: Well… this is a much complicated subject than you realize. The reason being that for every different… for every human on the planet there is a different type of person. Everyone has their own motivations, albeit the negative or positive. Obviously there’s a large draconian, reptilian group that is interested in controling the planet and draining it’s resources, you know? Every resource. I believe there were quite a few gray factions especially the ones allied with the draconians that were negative, but had an altruistic goal of try to save their own species… Uhm… an then there were… there’s a big mixture after that. There’s just so many species and they all have their own motivations and some of them were more interested in staeeling and trading DNA. And other would be more interested in specific souls you kow? The commodities market of intergalact species is just unimaginable, and our planet is gifted in a way that is a giant cosmic record for DNA. There’s so many diferent species on this planet so many diferent types… is like a giant library of DNA. And that’s one very big reason of why we get so much attetntion from the negative factions and why negativ factions have tried to keep this palce under control for so long.

Host: OK So it’s a really mixed situation, right? with many many factions, many species. But well at least we can identigy the bad actors, the main bad actors, like the Draco Group, the reptilians.

META: Yes and of course you have the [¿?], you have the one’s Cobra always wants to talk about, I can’t remember the name…

Host: The Chimera group! The Chimera Group!

META: Yes, the Chimera group. Yeah, and I believe the andromedan species, which I have a lot of experience with… Uhm… but… I’ve never really had a lot of interactions with them, so I really can’t give you any information on them… as far as I know, you know what I’m saying? I can’t tell you… I mean I might have… Maybe I was working with them and I didn’t know it when I was up there but I’ve never heard anyone use that name or describe them in that way or anything like that.

Host: OK Now someone from the chat is asking how does the portal work? I think he’s talking about the portals that you can make. How does it work?

META: Well, usually I would use my right hand and I would feel a pulse of energy from my heart, and I would use my right hand to kind of set the spin of the portal and it would appear where I thought it where my focused attention of my third eye proyected it. And I would just imagine the energy spinning out of my hand, either counterclockwise, which was a light portal, or clockwise which was a dark portal. That’s how I created the first portals. After that I didn’t really used my hand anymore. I only used my hand when I was createing thsoe altruistic light or dark portals, the rest of them where just thought and proyected. And I had to have previous knowledge of the place I wasgoing, or I could not go there. [¿?] Where I vould go backwards and forwards in time.

Host: OK I think that answers the question. I mean I think it’s difficult to even imagine but, well… Now, did you hear what happened in Minesota? Asks another reader, it was something like a meteor.

META: Yeah

Host: Oh yeah? Any thoughts on what that might have been?

META: Yeah I think that was one of those tungsten rods from a satellite that was removing a DUMB base, a DUMB military base that was enslaving people on the planet… That’s what I tink.

Host: I agree with you. I think they call them OWLs.

META: Yes, OWLs, that’s right. I couldn’t remember the name.

Host: So yeah. OK so we agree on that, and it says here: are there any negative nordic races living on earth?

META: There were… it’s to complicated to say positive or negative. One thing we see, I noticed that we see, it’s that “it’s gotta be good, it’s gotta be bad” there’s no in-between, and I see it more as a spectrum of positive or negative where you can be only midly positive or just slightly negative, you know? But you’re still kind of a good person. I would say taht some of the southern Nordics, the ones still in the antartic area [inaudible] in particular.. uhm… but uhm… and some of them were almost definetly involved in the groups where I was with. And I’d have to say that there was a superiority to believe there, that led them to try and conquer sometimes. So I’d have to say that being a part of their little tribe was a good thing, but it was also very dangerous if you were not. So yeah, I’d have to say there were certain negative pleadians (if that’s what they were). They coul’ve been native nordics.

Host: Ok, so let’s say yes, there are some let’s say negative nordic races, right?

META: There’s some negative nordics out there.

Host: Well I didn’t know that. Let’s see, next question says: Do you know anything about the contracts that we do with the Archons?

META: Yes. The Archons’ contracts aren’t really contracts. It’s kind of like a contract where you have no choice, you know? It’s a forced signature, you know? You’re signing under the [¿?]. So the real idea is that the contracts that we do with the Archons are null and void. And under intergalactic law you can nullify them yourself.

Host: Perfect.

META: All you need is the intention to.

Host: Perfect. Nice Answer. Now, what’s the deal with Antartica. What is there? Is there a Dark Fleet there? Or what do they even do there?

META: I don’t think Dark Fleet is primarily associated with Antartica… I think they’re more associated with the Illuminiati and some reptilians and some gray races, and some inner earth races (reptilians and things like that). As far as I know I never experienced any interaction with the Dark Fleet in the South Pole. That’s all I know.

Host: Someone’s asking: Do you keep contact with good aliens? Or the Resistance Movement?

META: I do.

Host: Oh.

META: And that’s how I was able to retrieve all my memories, and how I was able to get all my implants removed… uhm… it’s how I receive protection to this day from electromagnetic attacks and everything else. It’s how I receive information, it’s how I send information, and it’s how I participate in the eventual freeing of this world.

Host: Awesome! Great! It says next. What is your perspective on the Event? Do you have any info on that?

META: Yes I do. This thing that Cobra’s been speaking of recently with the light system across the solar system…. Uhm… connecting us to the Galactic Codex and all of this, it’s going to be a very big step forward. And I’ve been dreaming about this for almost four years now. Way before it was ever spoken about. That’s what gave me the courage to come forward: knowing that all of thsoe dreams had a purpose. The reason why I was dreaming it was preparing me for the time that’s it’s going to be activated in the coming months. It’s gonna be a game changer guys, it’s amazing. It’s going to be… you can ask for light, and it’s not going to be this trickful anymore. It’s going to be something where we’re gonna active process continously moving negative energies from our [¿?].

I mean the facility in Ganymedes is amazing, alright? I’ve astral projected and traveled the solar system continously, and I’ve been there, and it’s amazing. And I’ve been granted full access, and it’s really cool. And once it’s fully operational (and it’s probably only going to be after the event), but those who have been negatively programmed, and have many negative [¿?], will be removed to there to be given their choice and it’ll be just like a flash, and they’ll be gone. And they will either be back in an instant, because of course I believe is going to be time-dilated, so that the time that they spend there could be months or years, but here it’d obly be minutes. If they choose to make the right decisions and make amends. But in the beginning I know we can expect a lot more night. A lot of negative [¿?] will be removed, and those who are played by negative [¿?] are going to have a lot of relief.

Host: Great, great, great. It’s actually something very exciting. I’ve been waiting and waiting for years now!

META: Now, if you can see auras now, just take a moment, some time during the day or in the afternoons when the light is shining through the windows and falling on the ground to the floor somewhere in your house, and look at it. Really look at the light and you’ll start to notice little balls of light dancing around inside of it and off the edges, and swirling around… not like dust but almost like a firefly, liek an intentional little ball of light doing it’s thing inside of the light that’s shining through. You can see it now.

Host: Yeah I thought it was some kind of creature, or like an animal almost, like an insect of light. But what are they really?

META: I don’t know, they definetly have a consciousness, or it feels like they have some form of consciousness. And I’ve also spent a lot of time with the [¿?] and it almost feels like fairies to me.

Host: Oh. Now someone’s asking a very important question: How can lightworkers receive protection as well?

META: Well… shielding is extremely important. And this [¿?]… Uhm, you have to daily cleanse your body of all negativity in whatever way it works for you. You have to daily put shields in place. You have to daily be resolute in your belief that you are unconditionally try to love other and try to be as inclusive as possible. Trying to be connected to Source through a higher power helps a lot. And the primary way I’ve done that is follow sinchronicities, you know? If you follow the sinchronicities in your life you’re much more likely to be in touch with Source. And other things, like physical objects. I personally do organite, and I find organite very efective means of protection from many energetic attacks. And also it could be used for healing or amplification for certain energies. So that definetly tells.

I believe the pleadians have a shield.

Host: So you just ask them like “Hey pleadians, send me your shields!” ?

META: Yeah I believe, yeah, just say pleadian shield 3 times or something like that. And I’ve found that effective. And I’ve also done a lot of work in the indian [¿?] grounds, with the Ascended Masters and even got to meet some symbolism of metatron even I do not understand them other than through the Ascended Masters’ translations. And he showed me a very nice shield that I use to this day. And if you could imagine almost like a thin layer of energy of the outside of your normal egg-shaped shields that angulates with pyramids and cubes bubbling… and this semi-permeable field that surrounds the shield that you have on the inner area of your aura does a grat job at reflecting and transmuting energies and it allows you to transmute negative energies and absorb them and empower yourself. And once you learn it you’ll notice that your energy won’t decrease from attacks anymore, in fact it’s empowered sometimes.

Host: Oh, sounds like a power suit.

META: It’s more like a… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain… Uhm, I don’t know if there’s… Bu the way the shapes of the pyramids and the cubes on the outside of the shield work, they reflect and absorb energy in ways that dilutes any negative frequency and reforms it into positive frequency, so that the inside of the field is only allowing bursts of positive energy coming from outside.

Host: Gotcha. Well we are almost done in time, so I only have four questions that I have left, are you OK with that?

META: Yes.

Host: OK it says here. What is some military lingo exclusive to the SSP that you can remember?

META: Almost none.

Host: No? Maybe they called the pleadians by some name, or they called the soldiers by some code or something like that?

META: They were verys trict in not allowing us to know things like that We weren’t allowed to know any species by name….

Host: So you would just called them grays and tall whites and so on and so on?

META: They really liked to keep us in the dark in all of that. They didn’t want us to know, primarily because they were more negative than positive. And knowing enough about these species would affect whether or not we we’re complacent with doing our job.

Host: Now, how did you come to know you’re an SSP asset? How did you remember everything?

META: Oh gosh. Well, I had these dream about five years ago… On my family’s land, and I was walking (which, my family’s land is 20 acres [¿?], my grandfather’s land), and I was walking through the stone road that comes to a T on the road. And on the right side was these big flashes of light coming out of the groud, just enormous flashes of light that was white but also rainbow at the same time and it would faint to a pink colour and it would flash again. But it wasn’t lke a flash that it was all the way across the horizon on this field, it was more like just bands of it shooting out from the ground on this one area.

And as I walked the T in the road I saw something started to rise out of the ground and it was a giant merkabah. And the merkabah was kind of coloured white and fluffy at that time, and it was wobbly and it looked like a wet newspaper a little bit, it wasn’t really… the dimensions weren’t exactly correct and it was kind of soft and fuzzy. And it rose above the ground probably about 180-200 ft in the air.

And I knew what was gonna happen there in my dream, and it was VERY real. It was very, very real… In my dream, it would not feel like a normal dream.. uhm… it wasn’t a lucid dream, it wasn’t a dream I could control. And I felt like it was something that had already happened, and waited for my whole live and it was going to happen too at the same time, if it makes any sense… So it flew all the way over to the left side of the field of vision… and there was this cloud on the left side that looked like a portion of a brick wall, and the brick wall was a cloud, you know? The edges unfinished, not rectangular but just a splushy piece of a floating brick wall that had fallen apart and the merkabah sat there for a little while, and it reformed it’s shaped and it started to go really bright white and then it turned almost like a metallic reflecting colour, almost like mercury or something like that, like the whole thing was a mirror and just reflecting the outer colours of the area around it.

And then I knew it was coming back and it went back over my head and it was probably about 20 ft tall and at least that wide. And it came down and I touched it and my hand sunk into it like it was a liquid. And then I woke up, and that’s when I started to rememebering.

Host: *laughs* Wow!

META: And then, even three or four days after that, that I started asking for help and returning my soul shards to me, from everything that was taken. I think that’s an important step we forget: you wanna ask your star family to bring your soul shards back to you, and that will also make all of the clones of you pass away. And that has to be done. Asked them to be cleaned and purified and returned to the correct place in your aura.

Host: So, ask to return the soul shards.

META: That’s correct. And those soul shards carry many of the memories that you don’t have right now, you know? Also… your memories returning to you, a lot of the memories are coming from your auric field, which is your soul also, the energies of your soul, a lot of the memories come from outside of your physical body. And you’ve been programmed to forget inside of our physical body that they get rid of residual information hiding in our auric field. And that’s how we get it back.

Host: Hmmm. Wow. Well, that’s a lot of info to digest, I mean… it’s been an awesome, awesome interview. I’m very grateful to have you here, actually. This will be great. I’m going to work full-time this weekend to get the transcript just up as soon as possible (with the translation as well).

META: Thank you.

Host: Yeah, it’s been very nice to have you here, and I hope you get a lot of more interviews, with me and with Justin [Deschamps], and well… just be like on CNN, you know? everyone should know this!

META:Thank you sir.

Host: Thank you!

[End of transcsript]

You can help META by spreading this message far and wide, and donating to his PayPal account if you feel inclined: paypal.me/metadarkfleet. Let’s make this 2018 the year of total disclosure and final liberation of the planet Earth.

¡Victory of the Light!



Wir werden jetzt nach 25.000 Jahren Gefängnis das schwarze Loch verlassen. Unser Planet ist der letzte in der Galaxis, der befreit wurde.

Es ist ein kosmischer EVENT HORIZON [Ereignishorizont], der durch mächtige Sonnenwellen erzeugt wird, die aus dem Galaktischen Zentrum die Erde erreichen und die Aktivierung des "KOMPRESSIONS-DURCHBRUCHS" auslösen. Wenn sich die Lichtkräfte von oberhalb der Oberfläche und von unterhalb der Oberfläche des Planeten in der Mitte treffen, dann ist diese Mitte, auf der Oberfläche des Planeten.

Auf der nicht-physischen Ebene wird es eine "grosse Welle oder einen Blitz mit göttlicher Energie und Licht geben, die von der galaktischen Zentral-Sonne auf die Oberfläche des Planeten trifft".
(Die zentrale galaktische Sonne ist ein Objekt im Sternbild Schütze.)

Die Energie der Zentralsonne wird einen Blitz oder ein spezielles Licht der Sonne anregen, das die Erde und die Menschheit durchdringt und die Frequenzen aller Lebewesen auf dem Planeten erhöht.

Es wird die Menschheit im Licht der Liebesenergie beruhigen und die Dualität beenden. Es ist eine grossartige Energie, die man auf Erden noch nicht gesehen oder gefühlt hat. Jeder auf der Erde wird fühlen und wissen, dass etwas passiert ist. Es wird eine Überraschung sein, wann es auch für uns passieren wird. Es ist noch nie zuvor passiert. Es wird kein grosses Schockereignis sein, es wird ein positives Ereignis sein.

Das Datum dieses Ereignisses kann nicht vorhergesagt werden. Weltweit sind viele Gruppen beteiligt, und viele Informationen müssen vorerst geheim bleiben, um die Sicherheit der Operationen zu gewährleisten. Alles was wir sagen können ist, dass wir uns nähern.

Aus diesem Grund werden diese Informations- und Unterstützungsnetzwerke eingerichtet, damit die Bevölkerung vorbereitet werden kann.

Quelle: https://www.fifty8magazine.com/thesolarflash


Earth moving through debris / Asteroid detected moving at rare speed

January 19, 2018: NEO update as several new asteroids are being detected in Earth's neighborhood. One in particular moving at a very unusual speed?

Offener Brief an den Widerstand: Warum Lichtarbeiter sich gegenseitig angreifen

Offener Brief an den Widerstand: Warum Lichtarbeiter sich gegenseitig angreifen

gefunden auf returntoyourtruth.com, The Unknown Lightwarrior, übersetzt von Antares

am 18. Januar 2018

Vor einer Weile gab es den Aufruf, Briefe an die Resistancemovement zu schreiben und inbesondere darzulegen, weswegen … aus unserer Sichtweise und Erfahrung … die Lichtarbeiter&Lichtkrieger auf der Erde angreifen, statt sich zusammenzuschliessen und Seite an Seite für die planetare Befreiung zu agieren.

Hier findet ihr jenen speziellen Artikel auf unserer Website: Briefe an die WiderstandsbewegungDies ist ein aktuell geschriebener Brief – von Lichtkriegern, die sehr aktiv am Chintamani-Projekt mitarbeiten, zahlreiche Meditationen organisieren, u.a. die CEL [CobraEthericLiberation] FB-Seite mit betreuen und weiteres für die Befreiung der Erde tun. A.

Im Gegensatz zu meinen vorherigen Artikeln wird dieser Artikel kurz sein … zum Teil wegen der dringenden Notwendigkeit für den Widerstand, alle anderen Off-World-Gruppen und ET-Seelen, die hier erstmals inkarniert sind … um diese Informationen zu erhalten, die sich als schwierig erweisen, um sie wirklich zu absorbieren … zu verarbeiten … & folglich auf dem in der realen Welt angewandten Level zu verstehen, warum Lichtarbeiter einander angreifen.

Fortan werde ich mich in diesem Artikel an allen Gruppen von ausserhalb der Erde wenden, nicht nur zur an die Widerstandsbewegung.

Grund 1: Die meisten von uns sind gerade ein paar Lebenszeiten davon entfernt, in die Dunkelheit zu geraten.

Als ein Off-Weltler … werdet ihr wissen, dass die Archons einst Engel waren.

Ihr wisst, dass die Interaktion mit solchen Dingen wie der Primären Anomalie … in der linearen Zeit gefangen zu sein (ohne bald genug herauszukommen) … endlose Verwundung bis auf die Seelenebene verursacht … & zusammen mit der mehrschichtigen Perversion des Bewusstseins … leicht grosse Wesen des Lichts überwältigt, falls sie nicht bald genug aus einem solchen Reich herausgeholt werden.

Das ist etwas, dessen ihr euch intellektuell bewusst seid … aber es ist schwer für euch, diese Information wirklich so zu synthetisieren, dass ihr die Frage beantwortet, warum Lichtarbeiter sich gegenseitig angreifen, im Rahmen der Zusammenarbeit und des gemeinsamen Kampfes für die planetare Befreiung, ohne dass ihr selbst hier mehrere Leben durchlebt habt …

Dieser Artikel wird es euch ermöglichen, dies endlich wirklich zu verstehen. Oder wie wir auf der Oberfläche es auszudrücken pflegen … Es wirklich ‚zu kapieren‘.

Denn wie kann ein Lichtarbeiter einen anderen angreifen, wenn sie Seite an Seite arbeiten und kämpfen?

Es ist so unlogisch …
Es ist so hässlich …
Es steht im Widerspruch zu allem, was wir anstreben …
Es ist technisch, buchstäblich irrsinnig …

Was ich somit tun muss ist es, euch … als Off-Weltler … zu erklären … wie die technischen Mechanismen dieses Wahnsinns funktionieren.

Ich werde nicht nur erklären, warum Lichtarbeiter sich gegenseitig angreifen, wenn es darum geht, Seite an Seite gegen die Tyrannei zu kämpfen …, sondern ich werde auch erklären, warum alle positiven Gruppen wie die Freimaurer, die Templer, die Christen und all die Orden, über die wir Kenntnis haben, die auf dem positiven Pfad aus ihren vorantiken Wurzeln der Mysterienschulen begannen … zu Mechanismen der Tyrannei wurden.

Lasst mich damit beginnen, dass ich euch mit dem durchschnittlichen Oberflächen-Lichtarbeiter bekannt mache … um einen tieferen Blick hinter die öffentliche ‚Licht & Liebe‘-Fassade zu werfen … mit besten Absichten … und einem Lächeln.
Wie der durchschnittliche Oberflächen-Lichtarbeiter wirklich aussieht

Zu Händen: alle Off-Weltler/Widerstands-Personal.

Wir stellen euch die Oberflächen-Lichtarbeiter vor:

Von Innen nach Aussen übersetzt:

Selbst – das wahre Du

- Traumata, Ereignisse, Auswahlmöglichkeiten, karmische Schleifen/Imprints
- Negative Wesenheiten, Gedankenformen, Körperlose, amorphe Dunkelheit, vergangene – gegenwärtige Leben
- Geräte, Implantate, Portale, Strukturen, Schnüre, Haken, Anhaftungen, vergangene – gegenwärtige Leben
- Gelübde, Schwüre, Vereinbarungen, Kontrakte, Flüche, Verwünschungen, Zauberbanne, vergangene – gegenwärtige Leben
- Programmen, Glaubenssätze, gegenwärtige – vergangene Leben

Ego/falsches Selbst

Ersetzt einfach die Worte „Selbst – das wahre Du“ in der Mitte durch „wahres Selbst des Lichtarbeites“ …

Nun stellt euch dieses gesamte Diagramm oben als nur eine einzelne Schicht vor (von all dem, was in einem Lichtarbeiter steckt), nur eine negative Periode oder ein negatives Ereignis darstellend … in nur einem Leben. Dann stellt euch vor, buchstäblich 5-12 Schichten davon pro Leben zu haben.

Dann multipliziert all diese Schichten der Tausenden von Lebenszeiten, die die Lichtarbeiter gelebt haben, die hier seit Atlantischen Zeiten auf der Oberfläche festsitzen.

Weil die Mehrheit der Lichtarbeiter seit Atlantis hier ist, sprechen wir also von 11.000 bis 25.000 Jahren an Lebenszeiten.

Das sind viele Leben!

Wie die Dunkelheit dies ausnutzt, um Angriffe auszulösen.

Denkt nun an jedes einzelne dieser Worte, die ihr oben in der Tabelle aufgeführt findet, als eine Diskrepanz oder einen Kanal, auf der die Dunkelheit auf Ebenen ‚auf uns zugreift‘, die weit unter der Schwelle unseres bewussten Gewahrseins liegen.

Nochmals … das alles ist Zeugs, das ihr längst wisst, doch … als ein Off-Weltler …

– habt ihr nicht all diese Tausenden von Schichten von Interferenzen / Leitungen in euch.

– wisst ihr nicht, wie es sich anfühlt, die energetische Ladung des Wahnsinns zu spüren, die durch eine dieser Diskrepanzen / Leitungen kommt.

– wisst ihr nicht, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn von euch Besitz ergriffen wird oder ein Einschlag wie durch eine Granate in euch stattfindet, durch die energetische Aufladung von Wut, Zorn, Schmerz, etc. … und wie es dann in eurem Inneren durch die negativen Wesenheiten verstärkt wird, die durch die gleiche Diskrepanz / Leitung kommen.

– wisst ihr nicht, wie es ist, wenn euer Level des Bewusstseins am Boden aufschlägt, also keine Hoffnung besteht, die direkt aus der Dunkelheit „gesendeten“ Gedanken oder „gesendeten“ Emotionen zu erkennen.

– werdet ihr dies niemals erfahren … bis ihr es selbst erlebt habt, in dem Masse und in der Menge, wie wir es alltäglich durchleben … während der vergangenen 11000 bis 25000 Jahre.

Mit anderen Worten….

Ihr KÖNNT es nicht verstehen … bis ihr es HIER erfahren habt … und das über eine so lange Zeit.

Lasst uns mit einem ganz üblichen Beispiel spezifisch werden.

Zwei Lichtarbeiter sprechen über ein Projekt oder eine Mission. Aus dem Raum der Nicht-Zeit (ausserhalb der linearen Zeit) scannt und findet eine negative Wesenheit (oftmals viele) eine tiefe Wunde in einem der Lichtarbeiter. Dieselbe Entität oder Gruppe von Wesenheiten manipuliert dann das Bewusstsein des anderen Lichtarbeiters, um etwas durch ihre Verwundung oder ihr Leitung wahrzunehmen oder etwas zu sagen, … das ist absichtlich (durch den Einfluss der Dunkelheit) das Schlimmste, was sie vor dem anderen Lichtarbeiter sagen konnten … und BUMM …

… eine buchstäbliche energetische Explosion detoniert.

… das rotglühende Eisen wird tief in die emotionale Körperkomponente der Wunde getrieben (und lasst uns noch nicht erneut erwähnen, dass wir durch genetische Manipulation durch die Vor-Adamiten zur emotionalen Schwankungsanfälligkeit vorveranlagt sind).

… dann verschärft sich die Situation durch weitere Wesenheiten, die herein kommen, um die Emotionen zu verstärken, um mehr „Loosh“ (energetische Nahrung) zu produzieren.

… dann wird auf eine vorsätzliche Art und Weise (durch die Dunkelheit) der Lichtarbeiter, dem gerade das energetische, rotglühende Eisen in seine ungelöste Wunde gestossen wurde, unweigerlich ungeerdet & reaktiv & ihm bleibt nicht einmal mehr die Zeit, dies zu bemerken, weil er gerade erst so hart getroffen wurde … dann wird er von derselben Dunkelheit manipuliert, um das Schlimmste zu sagen, was möglicherweise vor dem anderen Lichtarbeit gesagt werden könnte, durch den der signifikante ursprüngliche Treffer kam.

… und es verkompliziert sich (in Bezug auf die negative Ladung) erneut.

Jetzt erleben wir einen KAMPF.

Wohlgemerkt, sie waren dabei, sich auf die vorliegende Arbeit zu konzentrieren und daran gemeinsam zu arbeiten … und das alles, während die Dunkelheit alle Zeit der Welt hat, um dies ganz bewusst zu orchestrieren (weil sie sich ausserhalb der linearen Zeit befinden) und von ganz unten auf das Bewusstseinslevel und das psychische sichtbare Gewahrsein der beiden Lichtarbeiter einschlagen, die versuchen, sich auf die Lichtarbeit zu konzentrieren.

Versucht einmal, als Lichtarbeiter über mehr als 11 bis 25.000 Jahre unter dieser Art von üblichen Bedingungen zu arbeiten.

Viel Erfolg!

Wenn es darum geht, mit der Dunkelheit zu verfahren … Lasst Logik & Vernunft fallen

Wenn man sich mit der Angelegenheit beschäftigt, weswegen Lichtarbeiter sich gegenseitig angreifen, dann hat man es nicht wirklich mit Lichtarbeitern zu tun oder mit ‚reinen Charakteren‘ … man hat es mit der Dunkelheit selbst zu tun. Dass die Lichtarbeiter sich gegenseitig angreifen, ist nichts anderes als ein RESULTAT.

Und weil wir es hier mit der Dunkelheit zu tun haben, haben wir es mit Geisteskranken (‚Crazy‘) zu tun …

… wir haben es mit Wahnsinn zu tun.
… wir haben es mit Unlogischem zu tun.
… wir haben es mit Psychopathie zu tun.
… wir haben es mit Phänomenen zu tun, die keinen Sinn ergeben – und auch keinen Sinn ergeben können … niemals.

Und jeder Psychiater oder ausreichend entwickelte Spiritualist wird euch sagen, dass man mit Geisteskranken nicht vernünftig reden kann.

Jetzt wisst ihr, was für einen Kampf ihr führt.

Jetzt wisst ihr, was für einen Kampf WIR führen.

Für euch … ihr könnt euch nach einem Tag harter Arbeit im Kampf gegen die Dunkelheit in ein 5-Sterne-Resort zurückziehen und an Bord eines Schiffes schlafen.

Wir gehen in unser Schlafzimmer, wofür wir alltäglich hart arbeiten müssen, nur um die Miete zu bezahlen, und die Dunkelheit ist unser ständiger Begleiter.

Wir haben die bezaubernde Ehre, während unseres Schlafzustandes auf den nicht-physischen Ebenen immer weiter zu kämpfen (huch, Entschuldigung … zu arbeiten).

Ihr habt die allerbesten Technologien, mit denen ihr euch selbst heilen könnt, falls nötig …

Wir müssen auf Technologien warten und dafür immense Mengen an Geld sparen, die nur einen Bruchteil dessen ausmachen, worauf ihr Zugriff habt.

Versucht, unter solchen Bedingungen über 11.000 bis 25.000 Jahre zu leben … und wir werden sehen, wie einfach es für euch ist, beim nächsten Mal Ruhe zu bewahren, wenn die Dunkelheit wirklich hart auf eine ungelöste Verletzung einsticht, durch das, was ein anderer Lichtarbeiter (oder Mitmensch) sagt oder tut, unter der Ebene ihres bewussten Gewahrseins.

Die akkurate physische Analogie von all dem ist … wenn die Dunkelheit mich durch meine Leitungen manipuliert hat, um ein glühendes Stück Eisen an deine Haut zu halten … würdest du ruhig bleiben und davon absehen, den Schlag auf mich zurück zu setzen?

Genau das passiert mit unseren Emotionalkörpern, wenn die Dunkelheit durch einen Lichtarbeiter hindurch wirkt, um einen anderen anzugreifen, um das Netzwerk und die Kameradschaft zu zerstören.

Versteht ihr dies jetzt?

Das Überschreiten der kritischen Masse von „Internen Kanälen“, die die einst grossen Lichtwesen dazu veranlassten, dunkel zu werden … oder sich von der Dunkelheit grossartig in Szene setzen zu lassen.

Erinnert euch … das ist dasselbe, was einst grosse Erzengel dazu bewegt hat … völlig der Dunkelheit zu verfallen.

Das waren GROSSE Lichtwesen!

Grösser als das, was wir sind oder ihr seid – soweit mich das betrifft … und sie verdienen wahre & besondere Ehre (für das, was sie einmal waren)!

Die einfache Botschaft unter dieser Überschrift lautet … je mehr Schichten von Leitungen (siehe obiges Diagramm) ihr erhaltet … umso mehr wird euer inneres Licht überdeckt oder von der Dunkelheit in eurem Energiesystem überwältigt, desto mehr beginnt ihr, mehr Dunkelheit und weniger Licht hindurch zu leiten … unter der Ebene eures bewussten Gewahrseins.

Und wir sind ALLE dort gewesen … und dabei in unterschiedlichem Masse fehlbar, je nachdem, wie viele Schichten von Leitungen wir haben … wie lange wir schon auf diesem Planeten feststecken … und natürlich, wie erfolgreich wir in der internen Klärungs- und Heilungsarbeit waren.

Das Ergebnis?

Ungefähr 90% bis 98% der Oberflächen-Lichtarbeiter sind entweder unschädlich gemacht worden (aus der Perspektive der Dunkelheit) … oder gezwungen, ihre gesamte Zeit und Energie zur Selbstheilung aufzuwenden … wobei etwa 2% aktiv und funktionell genug sind, um irgendeine Wirkung zu erzielen.

Das ist der Grund, warum hier nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg ET-Seelen in Massen inkarnierten. Die überwiegende Mehrheit der Lichtarbeiter, die sich seit Atlantischen Zeiten hier befinden (und das macht noch immer die Mehrheit der Oberflächen Lichtarbeiter aus) … wurden und werden … grösstenteils herausgenommen.

Das Ergebnis dessen, hier seit Atlantis festzustecken.

Unten seht ihr eine weitere visuelle Demonstration, die erklärt, was Lichtarbeiter dazu veranlasst, sich gegenseitig anzugreifen. Ich benutze solche Visualisierungen, weil die verbale Kommunikation so schwerwiegende Einschränkungen hat, wenn man versucht, sich gegenüber einem anderen Wesen auszudrücken … ganz zu schweigen gegenüber einem Off-Weltler.

Genetisch herunter reduziert … blind und übel zugerichtet. Der wahre Zustand der Oberflächen Lichtarbeiter. Das Ergebnis der Gefangenschaft und des Kampfes gegen (huch, Entschuldigung … der Transmutation) der Dunkelheit in all ihren Formen und Ausdrucksweisen seit Atlantis … OHNE EINE PAUSE. Viel Erfolg mit der 3D-Funktionalität!

Und ich habe noch nicht einmal mit all den externen Störungen begonnen!

Ich werde in dieses ganze Thema im Moment nicht einsteigen … das ist der andere umfangreiche Grund, weswegen Lichtarbeiter „einander angreifen“ … was einen ganzen weiteren Artikel in Anspruch nehmen wird … weil dieser Artikel länger geworden ist, als ich es geplant hatte, und ich hatte meinem Oberflächenlesern versprochen, meine Artikel kürzer zu halten

Ich möchte nochmals ausdrücken, dass alle Affekte, die ihr bis hierher gelesen habt, sich aus dem inneren Zustand jedes Lichtarbeiters ergeben … Verdoppelt all dies … und ihr seht dazu noch die externen (der Schleier, das Archonnetz, etc.) Einflüsse.

Genug gesagt … (wie man es hier ausdrückt)!

Somit werde ich das hier beenden.

Ich hoffe wirklich, dass ihr jetzt besser verstehen könnt, warum Lichtarbeiter einander „angreifen“, ohne tatsächlich selbst erlebt zu haben, wie es hier eigentlich ist.

Wir lieben euch.

Wir sind so erleichtert, dass ihr hier seid.

Wir versprechen … unsere Funktionalität & volle potenzielle Auswirkung auf die planetaren Befreiungsbestrebungen sich durch Projekte wie die Kampagne zur Aktivierung der 144.000 ERHÖHEN werden!

Über TheUnknownLightwarrior: Der Moderator von Ground Crew Command Radio & Organisator der 144.000 Aktivierungskampagne ist The Unknown Lightwarrior: Mitglied eines kraftvollen Teams von LichtkriegerInnen und LichtarbeiterInnen, die entweder von Ferne oder persönlich Plätze bereinigen und das Licht wiederherstellen; natürliche und vom Menschen geschaffene Machtzentren, Wirbel, Portale, Ley-Linien, Kontrollräume, heilige Geometrie und alle Hindernisse der Dunkelheit auf den ätherischen, astralen und Plasmaebenen … um euch, mich und den gesamten Planeten auf die schnellste Zeitlinie des Events zu bringen. Um mehr über unser Globales Leylinien Tachyon Kammer Projekt (Den Schleier durchstechen) zu erfahren, und/oder die Kampagne zur Re-Aktivierung der 144.000, oder um Zugang zu kraftvoller Heilung (bis auf die Seelenebene) zu erhalten…. Energiechirurgie… DNA-Aktivierung & psychische Hilfe, mit Makro-Level-Lichtwesen, um zu eurer Macht zurück zu kehren … schaut auf: returntoyourthruth

Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele and Winston Shrout - The GoldFish Report No. 181- ‘UNITING THE LIGHT’

The GoldFish Report

Published on Jan 19, 2018

On the GoldFish Report No. 181- ‘Uniting the Light’ Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele, and Winston Shrout. This exclusive RoundTable focuses on Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure, the status of disclosure, the players and obstacles in disclosure, and plans for First Contact. Videos of craft and other ET related material are shared and discussed. 

For more information about James Gilliland and ECETI Ranch please visit http://www.eceti.org, to learn more about COBRA and The Resistance Movement visit http://2012portal.blogspot.com/
To learn more about Kauilapele’s Blog please visit http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com, to follow Winston’s work please visit http://www.wssic.com

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